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Paul Art Lee

American (Born in Korea, Seoul 1962)

Lives & works in Buena Park, CA 90621



Chugye University for the Arts, B.A

Chong Shin University in USA, M.Div. /Th.M./ D. Min.



Holy One Presbyterian Church in America Pastor

Holy One Mission President 

Art teacher of Arnion Art

Artist Statement


Throughout my life, I have sought freedom and peace, which I found in art and the gospel of Jesus Christ. As an artist and pastor, I paint the beauty of God's creation through a renewed perspective.


My artwork often features small animals, butterflies, fruits, flowers, and water droplets - all of which I find in nature. While I sometimes paint from direct observation, I typically work from photographs that I’ve taken myself. The abstract elements in my work come from the joy and peace I find in the love and grace of God.


Most of my paintings are composed of two parts – the factual and the abstract – because I deeply perceive both the tangible world and the spiritual realm. I aim to convey God’s love and grace through my artwork. I hope you discover the glory of God and the feelings of love, freedom, peace, and joy that can help heal and restore your mind.


Born in Seoul, Korea in 1962 and now residing in Buena Park, CA, Lee's multifaceted career spans the roles of an artist, author, pastor, mission president, and art teacher. His extensive education from Chugye University for the Arts and Chong Shin University in the USA adds depth to his diverse body of work.

Lee’s "Light of Life" is a personal exploration of freedom and peace, found in art and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Reflecting his dual roles as artist and pastor, his paintings depict the beauty of God's creation, often featuring elements of nature such as animals, fruits, flowers, and water droplets. His work interweaves factual representation with abstract elements, embodying the love and grace of God, with the aim of healing and restoring the viewer’s mind.


Solo Exhibition

Light of Life. bG Gallery, 2023 CA. USA

The Love Story of The Cross, Arena1 Gallery. 2019. CA. USA

In God’s Love. Arena1 Gallery, 2018. CA. USA​

God is Love.   Park View Gallery, 2017. CA. USA

​The Cross in Jesus Christ. Santa Monica Art Studio: Hangar Gallery, 2017. CA. USA

Freedom in the Soul Fallen Asleep.  Chun Cheon Art Gallery, 1995. South Korea

Breakaway from Freedom. Gallery Yeh Yang, 1992. SOUTH KOREA

Life from Freedom. Nau Gallery, 1991. South Korea

Invitational Exhibition

Past and Future, AJL Art Gallery, 2023. CA. USA

Spectrum Gestalt 2023 bG Gallery. 2023. CA. USA

Jewelry Box of my Heart. Park View Gallery, 2017. CA. USA

Dream of Life. AndrewShire Gallery, 2010. CA. USA

Unknown.  Bergamot Station: Sarah Lee Gallery, 2009. CA. USA


Group Exhibition 

2nd Contemporary Art in Realism. 3 Square Gallery. 2023. CO. USA 

2nd Salon at the Triton 2023. Triton Museum. CA. USA

6th Color 2023. 3 Square Gallery. 2023. CO. USA

Father and Son. George Billis Gallery. 2019. CA. USA

The Fruit of the Light.   Park View Gallery, 2017. CA. USA

Christian Autumn Exhibition.   Ever Art Gallery, 2012. CA. USA

The King Has Come.   Ever Art Gallery, 2012.CA. USA

Emotion & Expression.  Bergamot Station: Sarah Lee Gallery, 2009. CA. USA

Association of Christian Artists.  Modern Art Gallery, 2009. CA. USA

Nat’l Museum of Modern and Contemp. Art, 1995 South Korea

Exhibition of Korean Fine Art Association.  Nat’l Museum of Modern and Contemp. Art, 1994 South Korea

Groping for Form and Abstract.  Gallery Yehyang, 1992 South Korea

Some Messages 10 Artists Saw on an Autumn Day.  Cheongnam Gallery, 1991 South Korea

Unfolding Images.   Gallery Doll, 1991 South Korea

Infinite 190-1.   Kwanhoon Gallery, 1991 South Korea

The Gray Zone.   Samjung Gallery, 1991 South Korea

’91 Proliferation of Consciousness.   Kyung-in Museum of Fine Art, 1991. South Korea 

Four Generations.   Arab Gallery, 1986 Dongduk Gallery & Kwanhoon Gallery, 1987. Sign Gallery in Busan, 1988.   Baegak Gallery, 1989. South Korea

Exhibition of Independants.   Nat’l Museum of Modern and Contemp. Art, 1986 South Korea

Expression  Gurimmadang Min, 1986 Na Gallery, 1989  Kwanhoon Gallery, 1991 South Korea

Blue Flag.   Hangang Museum of Art, 1985 South Korea

​Exhibition of Two Artists.   Seok Gallery, 1984 South Korea

Awards & Achievements

2nd Contemporary Art in Realism, 3 Square Art, Honorable Mentions, 2023. OC. USA

6th Color Exhibition, 3 Square Art, Honorable Mention. 2023. OC. USA

2nd Misulsegye Grand Exhibition Kyung-in Museum of Fine Art, 1991. South Korea

2nd Seoul International Art Festival Special Recognition, Sejong Center, 1984. South Korea
13th Gusangjeon Contest Exhibit Arts Council Korea, 1984. South Korea

Prelude to Freedom and Peace Performance at Ui-dong Valley, 1986 Winter Daeseong-ri 101 Artists Exhibition Installation Art at Daeseong-ri Field, 1986. South Korea


God is Love. 2017. CA. USA

Art show & Fair

Beverly Hill Art Show. 2023. CA. USA

LA Art Show. LA Convention Center. 2023. CA. USA

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