by  Paul Art Lee

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  • Paul A. Lee and his son Elijah h. Lee Exhibition Receptinon Night 2019 Aug 17, Saturday, 4PM 2716 S. LA Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034 17 - 24 August 2019 GEORGE BILLIS GALLERY It was a good time with my son.
  • Today’s society seeks a diverse culture and a coexistence thereof. Many people seek the dream of equality and work hard in fulfilling that dream. The dream, however, often falls short in reality due to individualism and selfishness. Through classification of race and gender, and in turn segregation and judgment, the precious people made in the image of God are despised and ignored. Furthermore, those who are weak and in need of protection are subjected to exploitation, persecution, and violence. In the midst of such a world, we must seek and hold still to one hope: Jesus Christ, who came into this world as the light of life. Our Lord Jesus Christ, through his death and resurrection, transformed the laws of this world – of sin and misery and death – into the law of God, that is, the law of eternal life and glory. Whoever believes in Jesus Christ who has accomplished these things would, at no cost, receive eternal life, glory, and love. To be able to believe in these things, however, the Holy Spirit who has come to this world for us must work in us. Our Lord not only worked for the great blessing of salvation full of God’s love, but he also, through the power of the Holy Spirit, worked in our midst. Jesus Christ traveled to many places, doing good work and healing those afflicted by the devil; and his being able to do these things is a sign that God was at work. Even today, there are those who believe in Jesus Christ and live with the Holy Spirit. If anyone is to receive the power of the Holy Spirit who worked with Jesus Christ, that person will surely come to share the absolute goodness and love of God even in this world filled with sin, misery, and death. For these reasons, in hope of sharing even the slightest of God’s absolute goodness and love, we have set up this exhibition titled “The Anointing”. Although we do not know how much of an influence this small work will have, we welcome you to this exhibition for the sharing of God’s goodness and love. PARK VIEW GALLERY OPENING RECEPTION | 2018 OCT 6 INVITED ARTISTS PAUL ART LEE, ELIJAH HAEE LEE, JONATHAN JIN ARTISTS ARI CHO, JI YOUNG WU, MONICA LEE, HEEJUN JAMES CHUN
  • As a person living in the world God has created, and as a pastor testifying Jesus Christ in God’s special grace, I announce my 5th solo art exhibition on the theme of “God is Love”. Both in the history of mankind and in the history of Christianity, religious artworks have generally been separated from everyday life. For this reason, museums often hold special exhibitions with the theme of “Christian Icon” which only present religious artifacts. Contrary to this trend, I seek to interpret Christianity in everyday language. My works contain animals, plants, insects, and landscapes that exist in God; and sometimes still life objects and people I encounter in daily life. Most of these works are based on the Bible and Christian ideas through metaphors and analogies. This aspect will provide many stories and values to those who will later evaluate my works. Since I became a pastor, I try to refrain from directly painting Jesus Christ or biblical figures and events. Such works can be idolized and can give false preconceptions to Christians who believe Jesus Christ without seeing Him. My works, which include both abstract and realism on one screen, belong to postmodernism in terms of their forms. People often think my paintings are something brand new, but I’m just one of many postmodern artists. However, by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, I am painting for God and for His glory and name, and not for myself or for something else. According to man’s chief end to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever, I express on canvas God, who is love, and the world He has created. I hereby give thanks, glory, and praise to God who has allowed me to hold this exhibition along with the publication of “God is Love: the Order of Salvation”. Please join us for the event. I would be honored by your presence. PARK VIEW GALLERY OPENING RECEPTION 2017 NOV 18, SATURDAY, 4PM